James Cameron on Great Underwater Adventures

James Cameron on Great Underwater Adventures

Those of you who are fans of The Terminator, The Abyss, Avatar or even Titanic, will enjoy watching this video of James Cameron in which he explains what actually drove him to film making and the people and things that provided inspiration to him along the way.

The video is not particularly new (it was shot last year) but I re-discovered it yesterday and thought you might like it. I think it is funny to think that Jacques Cousteau - this odd and unassuming little French man with his trademark woolly hat - could provide him with such inspiration.

James Cameron gives a running commentary of the reasons why he did Titanic - mostly as an excuse for shooting the real boat under water. I am not sure I got convinced by his explanations - but that might just be because a) I didn't really like Titanic (I thought it was quite an overly romantic movie) and b) it always seems like that movie is really at odds with the rest of his creations.

But I really loved the Abyss and Avatar. They both provided moments of striking visual beauty and made me dream: exactly what I personally look for when I go to the cinema.

I wonder how many of you actually got inspired by James Cameron himself and dream of working in VFX because of his films. I know many of our escapees often mention The Terminator as one of their favourite movies. And of course, some of our escapees even got to work on Avatar. Which reminds me that there is actually a cool little podcast on the Guardian's website with escapee Tom Baskaya - who took our Compositing Course - in which he explains what his role was in the making of that movie. You can listen to it here.

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