• Jake

Jacob Flint

Junior 3D Artist at The Mill

Keeping it real

Anyone who knows anything about CG will have heard of and dreamt about working at The Mill. It’s a given they’re a renowned visual effects studio but their ‘super cool’ status is legendary. The great commercials and films they work on have helped build their reputation, but it’s the trendy Soho offices and creative people they hire that often leaves people open-mouthed. So, no pressure for new recruit and VFX escapee Jacob then. He summed it up perfectly: ‘I’m still in awe and not entirely sure how I got a job here!’ We could have waited for him to come back down to earth and explain his statement, but it was clearly going to take some time, so we prompted him with some questions instead.

Jacob’s journey with Escape Studios

A life-long passion for films and TV started when Jacob was asked to make a short film for a class project. ‘I had so much fun doing it; I thought it would be amazing to be able to do this for a living and get paid for it’. So, enthused by the prospect of becoming the next Danny Boyle, Jacob started a degree in Media Production at the University of Lincoln. Jacob learned a lot, but soon came to realise that Visual Effects was the area he was most interested in – so he finished his university course and set about finding the best way to learn VFX.  ‘I searched on the Internet for VFX courses and came across Escape Studios; I was really impressed by the content of the courses and the tutors’ experience. After attending the open day I was convinced that studying at Escape would provide me with the skills I’d need to become successful in this industry’.

Intensive VFX

Jacob embarked on the 12 week VFX course, which he describes as ‘Intensive’ and ‘thorough’. The courses are designed to cover everything you’ll need to know on the job in a short space of time, so commitment and passion is a must. Best bits about Escape Studios? “The equipment is of top industry standard and the tutors are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly, they were there whenever we got stuck. Once I’d finished the course I was totally prepared for whatever the industry wanted to throw at me’.

The tutors agreed Jacob knew his stuff too, which is why when he finished his course he worked at Escape Studios for a while as a Studio Assistant.  Jacob got to help students with their VFX shots and also embarked on a little life modeling for the character animation course. Photographs to follow…

And so to work 

Once Jacob finished working at Escape, our Recruitment team helped him find his dream position at The Mill “they have such good contacts and gave me great advice for landing my first job”. Jacob has been working with The Mill’s Film & TV team as a Camera Tracker for just over three months and in that short space of time has worked on a number of great TV shows including Merlin, Primeval and Doctor Who. “Having been a fan of programmes like these for years, I’m now one of the people involved in making them- my work’s on TV and it’s all thanks to Escape”.