Its not easy being the bad guy...

Its not easy being the bad guy...

Where there is light there is always dark, to maintain a little bit of balance in this world. Cartoon villains are something to be celebrated and the Animation World Network (AWN) have done exactly that, compiling two lists of the best villains- The Evil and The Funny. And hey… everyone needs a little light relief in their lives. And we are happy to provide it for you.

So you’ve read it. Have you looked under your bed? Checked the wardrobe? No monsters in sight? Good!

Do you remember just how terrifying cartoon villains are? The really, truly bad guys have an overbearing, overpowering, pant-wetting hold over you for the rest of your life. Just the thought frightens me now. If you must know then I’m typing this from behind a pillow, scared for my life.

The ones that haunt my personal dreams:
•    The Fleshlumpeater - The BFG. The whole book and film that followed is just creepy and kind of uncomfortable and because the Fleshlumpeater is just hideously scary.
•    Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty. The crow, the horns, the flashing of green smoke, the calm yet terrifying voice, the music that follows her. She is the benchmark of evil villain women.
•    Lord Voldemort – Harry Potter Series. Now technically he is not a cartoon so he wouldn’t make it onto the AWN list but I can never look at Ralph Fiennes again.

What do you think? Who is your favourite bad guy?

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