It's All About The Showreel

It's All About The Showreel

Starting out in VFX can be difficult for junior artists, but the best place to start is your showreel. It needs to be compelling and to demonstrate all the technical skills that you possess.

That’s why our courses focus on hands on, practical skills rather than theory. We make sure we teach you production grade techniques, but most importantly, we ensure you walk away with the basis of a good showreel. One that you can impress future employers with. Like the one by Guilherme Chagas in this blog post - a great example of a VFX student showreel.

The final week of all our classroom courses is ‘project week’. This is when you get to put all of the skills you’ve learned into action. You can find out exactly what you'll learn on a weekly basis by taking a look at our course breakdowns.

If you want to be able to produce a showreel like that of Guilherme, why not drop me a line. Or you can come along to one of our Open Days, where you can find out what it takes to become a VFX artist and take a tour of our studios.

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