It's all about networking! Escapee works on '47 Ronin' Hypermotion Comic.

It's all about networking! Escapee works on '47 Ronin' Hypermotion Comic.

We recently heard about escapee Lee Medcalf making the most of our industry connections at this year's VFX Festival, and embarking on a creative journey with Universal Pictures, Design Studio for Film Hollywood and Escape Tutor and VFX whiz Haz Dulull, naturally we had to find out from Lee what had been going on, it's all very exciting!

“I initially became involved with the 47 Ronin: Samurai Spirit short, as I was helping marshal the Escape Studios VFX Festival. It was there, that I met Hasraf Dulull (or Haz as he’s better known) He was giving a taster course on Production for VFX and with my own prior experience in production and graphics from my time at Cartoon Network, I became classroom assistant for that course.

We got to talking and Haz offered me two opportunities, working on 47 Ronin: Samurai Spirit and also on Haz’s own personal project the SciFi thriller 'Drones'.

Working with Haz and the guys at DSF on the “hyper-comic film” promoting 47 Ronin was an interesting experience. The process of creating the film from stills and giving them life required a lot of thinking on your feet to get the effect desired with motion graphics in After Effects and a few particle FX and displacements generated in Maya. Every shot was different so you almost needed to re-invent the wheel to a certain degree, every time. The deadlines were tight but the challenge and end result was pretty rewarding.

Since working on 47 Ronin, I’ve continued to work with Haz on Drones (which is looking rather cool) and the guys at DSF on motion posters for up and coming movies, including Tim Burtons next film “Big Eyes” all of which has sprung up from connections made at Escape.”

Lee took on our VFX Professional course in May 2013, in a bid to further deepen his knowledge in the realm of 3D, want to do the same? Hit the link!

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