Isn't It Marvel-lous?

Isn't It Marvel-lous?

We just can’t get enough of Marvel at the moment. And they are back again with one of the most popular characters coming back to the big screen, The Amazing Spider-Man.

This film has Andrew Garfield of The Social Network fame, starring as Peter Parker in an untold story that presents us with a different version of Spider-Man. It is due in cinemas from July 3rd, but you probably knew that already.

But what we can do today is watch this four minutes preview.

I don't know about you, but I find it amazing! If you still haven't seen the trailer, you can watch it here.
And if it's still not enough and you want more you can have a look at the game which will be available on PS3, X-Box Live and Nintendo systems.

Hopefully that has your spider-senses tingling, for today at least.

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Emanuela Ferrante
Wed 16 May 2012: 5:05pm

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  • Emanuela Ferrante:

    Me too Arnaud! Thanks :)

  • Arnaud Baernhoft:

    Simply amazing! After watching the Avengers Assemble I've grown an obsession to super heroes...again. Great post Emanuela.

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