iPhone 5: There may be trouble ahead...

iPhone 5: There may be trouble ahead...

With the arrival of the iPhone 5 announced and a record number of pre-orders set yet again for Apple, there's a lot of people out there looking forward to getting their shiny new gadget this Friday.

But the release of such a device on a large scale causes havoc for many companies as well, namely those Internet Service Providers we all love (or love to hate..?).

The trouble for these guys is that when millions of people finally get their hands on the phone, the first thing they need to do is activate it on iTunes and download any updates to the new iOS6 operating system. This influx of new updates and downloading for previous iPhone owners of the new operating system adds massive pressure onto the infrastructure of ISPs, and Plusnet have given us a rare insight as to how this affects them.

It certainly is an interesting read and highlights that even though they added an extra 2Gbps of extra bandwith to their infrastructure, this still wasn't enough to keep everything silky smooth for their millions of customers during the launch of iOS 5.

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