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Invisible visual effects

Visual effects are at their best when they are invisible. A VFX artist has succeeded in their work when an audience can't detect the artificial from the real. It means their work is seamless and completely photo-real, allowing the audience to be fully immersed in the story.

Want to see this craft in action? Join Taran Spear, NUKE artist at Electric Theatre Collective, as he demonstrates how VFX artists create the illusion of reality.

During this webinar Taran will demonstrate:

  • Compositing – an essential VFX technique
  • An introduction to NUKE, the industry standard VFX compositing tool
  • How to composite a 3D asset onto a back plate
  • The art of adding subtle enhancements to help embed virtual assets
  • Where these techniques are used in our favourite feature film blockbusters
  • How you can learn these techniques and more on our online compositing course

Webinar Details

The live webinar took place on 12 December 2013. Download the recording using the form above.