iNuked: Part 1

iNuked: Part 1

I was on the hunt for an appropriate piece of tech to occupy my mind whilst travelling to and from Escape Studios, during my epic commute into London each day and initially the novelty of an iPad seemed the best source of distraction. However after further investigation the answer came in the form of Hugo Guerra (Escape Studios compositing tutor) who, in less than ten minutes, managed to persuade me to spend an extra £600 on an alternative Apple product.

His convincing argument highlighted the plausible benefits of the new MacBook Air. Being the 'Nukeified' geek that I am, the tantalising news that this portable device could potentially run The Foundry's NUKE compositing software, was an opportunity too good to turn down.    

Many industry professionals may question why anyone would feel the need to run the worlds most powerful compositing tool, on something like a portable 11" MacBook Air. Because when all is said and done compositing is an intricate beast, best tamed by spending countless hours sat at a desk in a dark room, Wacom pen in hand muttering systematic gibberish. Hence we may even question the feasibility of actually building a shot outside the studio walls, especially when most major post houses would generally not allow material to leave their facility.  

Though I'm starting to work with NUKE on a more regular basis at Escape Studios, I am still very much getting to grips with everything this powerful tool has to offer, and would like to spend more time looking at details like 'straight pipes' and 'backdrop accuracy' more meticulously. It was during one of my frequent déjà-vu moments on my mammoth commute, that I realised just how much valuable NUKE downtime was being wasted!

Thoughts of how much easier my life would be if only I could have simply finished aesthetically organising my script, so that the next day I could pick up exactly where I left off, thus maximising time spent in the studio for more detailed comp work.  

Therefore, after receiving a trial copy of NUKE from The Foundry for my MacBook Air, I have decided to document my forthcoming experience and share with anyone who maybe interested. During the course of my trial I hope to keep you updated with blog posts of my discoveries. Whether your interest lies in NUKE alone or you are intrigued to see how it runs on a portable device as small as the MacBook Air, I hope you will join me on this journey of discovery: an alternative NUKE user experience.

I hereby announce operation 'iNuked' now commenced! 

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Simon Richardson
Thu 27 Oct 2011: 11:07am

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  • AudioAndroid:

    Defo agree, iPad is sweet and the little apps are cool, but for serious mobile work the current gen of mactops absolutely rock. Keep up the great blogging !!

  • Marc R Leonard:

    I posed your article over at Brewing Digital:
    I'm interested to see how it turns out!!

  • colin:

    I would definately like to know how the little mac book air performs while running nuke.

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