Introducing the Boston Igloo NX Series

Introducing the Boston Igloo NX Series

Many of you will recognise Boston Limited for their range of bespoke IT and server solutions - we have mentioned them on this blog on a number of occasions. Boxx workstations, Quattro nodes and Igloo servers are products that have made a significant impact in their relative markets. What’s great about Boston is that they pay attention to the changing world of technology, and have a knack for keeping ahead by introducing the latest and greatest bits of technology into their products. This is exactly what customers want and in so doing they make new technologies more accessible.

This leads me onto my next topic quite nicely, because the reason why I am writing about them today is that they’re at it again. Boston have married another game-changing technology with their Igloo servers, which is set to give you the kind of server performance that'll knock your socks off!

The original Boston Igloo server range has a multi award-winning reputation for providing high I/O performance with great connectivity and modular system design. It is a highly flexible storage system that lets you customise to your studio’s needs. From network and power optimisation options to upgrading using your own disk drives, it is possible to tailor this system to suit your requirements.

So, what's new from Boston today? Well, they have now introduced NexentaStor to create the new Igloo NX Series. Nexenta Systems is one of the fastest growing companies in enterprise open storage solutions, and NexentaStor is their flagship software only platform. This platform includes high performance, scalability, cloud and virtualisation optimisation. It is built on ZFS technology and can run on any industry standard hardware, eliminating vendor lock-in as it runs on hardware from multiple vendors. It is also very cost-effective and it is said to have all the advantages of an open, unified storage management system at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems.

When put to the test the Igloo NXStor SBB model produced an amazing 50,000 IOPs against a similar standard disk array option, which produced a mere 6,000 IOPs. This is a vast improvement and will have a great impact on the competition. Alternative storage solutions have a history of getting you to spend more in the hope you might one day achieve these kind of IOPs results. The Boston Igloo NX series levels the playing field, increasing performance and making enterprise class storage more accessible to the masses.

And in case you’re wondering where these guys are going to be in five years’ time, it looks like Nexenta Systems are here to stay. In a response to the growing shift to storage software, Nexenta were able to secure $21 Million in Series C funding earlier this year. With this funding they can increase their workforce to provide the best possible service, supporting a growing customer base.

If you want more information on all the above, or just fancy talking to our engineers, just get in touch here.

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    You can break his legs but you can't stop him blogging. Great article Rich, will look forward to playing with one of these

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