Interview with our CG Whiz – Adam Droy

Back in December, Adam Droy became the first winner of our CG Whiz competition for his fantastic showreel. Part of his prize was a 12 week classroom course here, which Adam started last Monday. We caught up with him to see how his first week had gone.

Welcome to Escape Adam, how’s your first week been?
My first week has been really good thanks! The tutors I’ve had so far have some of the best backgrounds you could wish for. From an experience point of view, you can't really ask for more. You don’t just learn about techniques and software, but you get a good insight into the industry.

I had a 3D scan of my head today which was an awesome experience. We were shown how the technology worked and how it would be used in real life which was really good. That said, it might be a bit scary looking at a 3D me!

What other techniques have you learnt so far?
The most important things I've learnt so far are probably also the smallest – for example, how to use the middle mouse button correctly. It sounds like such a simple thing but unless you are shown by someone who knows exactly what they are talking about, correct techniques can easily be overlooked, making you work less effectively. So, although I haven't yet learnt a technique that has changed my whole outlook on visual effects, everyday I've learnt something that fills the gaps in my previous knowledge.

Which aspect of the course are you most looking forward to?
I'm really looking forward to getting my teeth into the individual projects and really pushing myself. I think the Dynamics side of Maya could be really good fun, so that's another thing I'll be looking forward to. Realistically, for each part of the course there's something that appeals to me.

We’ll be catching up with Adam again in a few weeks to see how he’s getting on.

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