Interview with Legendary Matte Artist

Interview with Legendary Matte Artist

The art of filmmaking has come a long way over the last 100 years. The technology we use today to create breath-taking scenes continues to push the boundaries of high-definition and realism, but we should never forget the genius of film crews who didn’t have the opportunity to ‘fix it in post’ or rely on computer graphics to set the scene. As lots of you know, some of the best moments in film history were created by filmmakers having to think on their feet, making the best of an impossible situation. And of course there are certain skills that were essential to the filmmaking process back then that will start to be forgotten due to the rise in post-production capabilities and accessibility.

In respect to this, I came across an incredible article celebrating the inventiveness and ingenuity of a certain matte painter from Hollywoods’ Golden Era. This legend is none other than Matthew Yuricich, and I just had to share it with you all. No matter what your experience in this area, this article should leave you in awe of the work that this man created throughout his career.

So as much as we love to celebrate the art of CG, we should never forget the great artists who “have created worlds of fantasy and reality with brushes and paint, wood and plaster and tons on skilful artistry”. For a more intensive list of artists, artisans and technicians who have worked or are working in the entertainment industry, you can check out this website, and further your knowledge in what is possible before we even consider using computer graphics.

19th January 1923 to 28th May 2012

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