Intel Reveal the “Ivy Bridge” Range of Processors

Intel Reveal the “Ivy Bridge” Range of Processors

So Intel has finally made their official reveal of the new 'Ivy Bridge' range of processors after much speculation. Although it’s not really speculation as multiple 'leaks' and certain overeager e-tailors were listing the processors well in advance of this official release. They follow the same naming convention as the past two generations in the series so we still have the i3, i5 and i7, although only the quad-core variants have been announced thus far.

This generation is not necessarily a completely new technology but more of an update on the previous generation, however Intel do claim the graphical capabilities of the new series will have twice the punch. The main differences will be that these chips are made on a 22nm fabrication and the fabled 3D-Transister that Intel has developed in line with these processors is being used. What does this mean in simple terms? Well basically better power efficiency and being able to pack more onto less silicon, resulting in more cores at higher speed and increased POWER!!

This is especially good news for the post-production studios out there as they can look forward to shorter render times as well as cheaper electricity bills. At this point the official release date is looking to be somewhere in the region of April 28th, to be commercially available.

A total of 15 new processors have been announced and you can check them all out here.

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