Industry Coaching with The Mill

Industry Coaching with The Mill

The current VFX Professional class were assigned The Mill as part of the ‘Industry Coaching’ scheme, which is a new initiative for us here at Escape Studios. The main idea behind the scheme is that we invite established post-production houses in Soho to mentor our students as they prepare to enter the industry as VFX artists. The VFX Professional course is our more advanced course for students who have completed the VFX Production course or artists already in the industry who are looking to further their knowledge in the field. For these students, getting advice from professionals working in the industry is golden, helping them prepare better for what is to come. Emmy Castelain was among the group during this visit, and this is what she had to say about their time at The Mill…

 … We had been to The Mill on a previous visit, where we explained our first project and were given a tour of the facilities. For those of you who don't know The Mill, it is a creative post house occupying an impressive building in the heart of Soho, and with many awards under it's belt. We knew that the advice already given by John Wood, leading VFX artist at The Mill, was going to be of great value to us later on, when the time came to improve our shots to finalise our showreels. So we were looking forward to another round of golden tips and tricks to make our work look amazing. With John Wood's great advice and the presence of Tom Knight, Talent Assistant at The Mill, we knew that we were getting the best feedback from the industry coaching - thanks to Escape Studios.

After a good critique of our work and positive feedback, we were invited out for some drinks with our chaperone for the day, Miles Pettit, the Escape Studios' Training Manager. Miles has always taken the time to ask us what we were up to and knew what everybody was working on. He has given valuable guidance during our time at Escape, but sadly we had to say goodbye to Miles on that day. It was his last day at Escape Studios as he was off to start a new career and enjoy fatherhood on the Isle of Man.

Before joining Escape, Miles had worked ten years at The Mill, and as this was his last day the leaving drinks party was populated with lots of his old colleagues from The Mill. Miles kindly introduced me to The Mill's very own Creative Director and amazing illustrator, Matthieu Bessudo (aka McBess)! I got his contact details to arrange a meeting with him when time comes to find my first VFX job. All in all, it was an amazing day, both educational and fun!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank The Mill for the time they have dedicated to our students throughout their course, and for all the advice they have given along the way. We know our students have benefited from it greatly, allowing them the opportunity to see in practice all they have learnt over the past 18 weeks. And in the case of Emmy Castelain, some valuable contacts were made as well.

If you're considering a career in VFX and would like to talk to us further about the courses we offer here, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

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