Industry Coaching – Escapee Alexander Kubinyi Shares His Experience

Industry Coaching – Escapee Alexander Kubinyi Shares His Experience

A while back we told you all about our new ‘Industry Coaching’ scheme which some of our classroom students are fortunate to be part of. For those of you who don’t know, this basically means that some of the major post houses act as mentors for our students throughout the 12 or 18 weeks of classroom study that they embark on when they study with us in London. This means that they get professional feedback and expert industry advice relevant to the field they are going to work in. It’s no surprise to hear that our students are absolutely delighted with it. All of them are they working extra hard to impress but more importantly, they are getting front-line expertise.  We caught up with escapee Alexander Kubinyi who told us what the experience was like in his own words.

Meeting our coach
“In the first week of our VFX module, the whole of my class set off to meet our coach at Double Negative in the heart of Soho. It felt a little bit like a school trip (We were all told we’d be jumping on a train!) and we were are pretty excited to be visiting a post house. No pressure, but we were introduced to our coach as Alex ‘The Baron’ Wuttke. Right, OK so now you want to know what has earned him this title. How about VFX Supervisor on Quantum of Solace and 2012 maybe?  If we weren’t intimidated before then we certainly were now!  In retrospect our worries were unfounded since Alex was great with us.

D (Neg) Day – showing our projects
“We were all sat around a conference table with a big TV at the head and what looked like an Emmy gathering dust on the windowsill – as most people have on their shelves at home! Unfortunately for me, I was first on the list – damn alphabet.  So Miles Pettit (Escape’s Training Manager) had me give a little intro about my background, who I was and why I joined the course. This was followed by my core project being shown on screen – I was so nervous! I talked about the troubles I went through and areas I found difficult. Alex definitely tested the thickness of our hides. He was constructive but direct in his criticism of our work – it really was like being in a working production environment. Alex then gave his opinion on what he would like to see changed; interestingly he focused on the scene’s motivational story as a driving force for detail. Lots of feedback on reading light on textures, details I would be hard pressed to think of but are instantly obvious once pointed out.

Taking the Tour
“Once we’d been grilled it was time for our tour and group photo. It was so quiet when we walked around the building, unnervingly so – we were told this was because of the secretive nature of the VFX projects being worked on. Once we’d had the tour, we all went to the pub – a great way to end the day. It seems that’s where everyone heads out to when the long days get stressful. There were loads of professional artists from DNeg there for us to chat with – great for networking. The Head of Camera Motion asked after my core project, which left me on a high – that was a nice bonus, and a great way to end the day.”

A massive thanks to Alex for sharing a page from his coaching diary – we’re so glad that the scheme really benefited him. If you’d like to find out more about our Coaching Scheme and what it entails – drop us an email, we’d love to have a chat with you.

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