Industry Coaching Diary of Compositing Escapee Húni Húnfjörð

Industry Coaching Diary of Compositing Escapee Húni Húnfjörð

Our mentored program for our classroom students is moving on a pace, and I am pleased to report that another one of our compositing classes is being mentored by Ben Owen at MPC.

I took some time to talk to Húni Húnfjörð who was one of the lucky students who got their work reviewed by MPC. Here is what he had to say.

Tuesday 19th of July, 2011
The Day started with a stop at the coffee shop Princi, next door to MPC. It is always pleasant to arrive to a meeting with a fresh cup of coffee rushing into the blood stream. The Moving Picture Company is one of the leading companies in feature films and advertisements post production in the world today. Even though we had a fresh cup of coffee flowing through our system, most of us had butterflies flapping around in our stomachs before entering the building. Knowing that we were about to have our work critiqued by people with outstanding knowledge and experience in the field of compositing and rotoscoping was pretty daunting.

After we had waited for about 10 minutes on the sixth floor at MPC in a nice and relaxed room with coffee machines, a small corner kitchen, pool table and leather couches, a young woman came to escort us outside and into another entrance at the corner of the building. Ben Owen the recruiter for MPC greeted us there. We followed him into a room which looked like a small movie theatre, except that the chairs in there were arranged in an U shape around the floor with what looked like a 100 inch projection monitor at the open end of the U shape. This was officially the largest screen I had been sitting in front of! And there was only 3 meters between myself and the screen. The reason for the size is so that they can zoom into the work they are evaluating. For those of you who were not there, I can say that seeing one pixel as big as my fist was intimidating.

Christine Troianello, the Head of Rotoscoping, and Doug Larmour, the Head of Compositing, where our critics for the roto jobs we did. The positive side of the critique is that we can all improve :-).

When listening to professionals say “this is not completely rubbish” you pretty much know that what they mean is that it’s a complete redo. I was pretty relieved to know that this was only an exercise and not an entry task into the company or some other important job that had to be delivered on time. This experience was a very good one for us and I personally feel privileged to have had the opportunity to experience this review.

Thank you MPC and Escape Studios.


If, like Húni, you fancy yourself as a compositor working in the VFX industry, why not come and have a chat with us about how we can make it all happen for you? We are running a special composting open day and would be delighted to spend some time explaining what it takes to make it in this industry.

Failing that, you can always sign up for our upcoming Compositing webinar.

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