Industry Coaching Diary - Compositing Course Escapee Mary Lapena

Industry Coaching Diary - Compositing Course Escapee Mary Lapena

A few weeks back we told you about our classroom courses being coached by the Industry. One of our students, Alexander Kubinyi, told us about his experience at Double Negative and what it was like to have your reel critiqued by Alex ‘The baron’ Wuttke. This week, we catch up with another escapee who is studying our Compositing Professional Course and is being coached by The Mill. Here’s a snippet from Mary Lapena’s coaching diary.


Week 6 - Roto Project
In week 6,
Miles Pettit (Escape’s Training Manager) told us that The Mill had set the class a project - Rotoscoping!  We were all pretty nervous about this and still getting to grips with our own final project. The challenge was to roto as much as we could in two weeks of three guys walking.  It was so exciting for everyone as it was our first roto project for a VFX post house – it felt like an interview!  The shot we were given had some difficult elements which made it hard to work with, but the challenge helped us learn the best techniques for roto – proper hands on experience.

Week 8 – Project Feedback
In week 8 we took an afternoon off for our field trip and it was great - we all had lunch together with our tutor
Davi Stein, before meeting Miles at The Mill.  Not sure if you’ve ever been but The Mill is a pretty impressive vicinity, the first thing that caught my eye was the Oscar award on display. Amazing!  Once inside we were introduced to Claire Anderson who is their Talent Manager and taken into a meeting room where each of us had to introduce ourselves and explain what we did for our project.  Our work was then shown on a large screen (Terrifying!). It was a pretty daunting experience for me, as there were parts of my work which I hadn’t quite finished and there it was on the big screen for all to see! Hugo Guerra (Joint Head of Nuke Compositing Dept at The Mill & Compositing Tutor at Escape) critiqued our work and gave us very useful feedback on our roto work which we’ve all taken on board for future projects.   

The Tour
We then took a tour of The TV building and visited the colour grading room, 3D department and the Nuke department.  It was so useful to see the set up within the company and to understand where departments work. We were also shown around Mill Film, which was pretty cool. Then came the important bit – a trip to the pub for everyone to relax!

Huge thanks to Mary for telling us about her experience of being coached. If you're interested in studying with us or would like to know more about our Industry Coaching scheme, drop us an email.

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