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I have just spent two nights in a row playing with an old friend until almost three in the morning. When I say friend, I mean Halo Reach. It has been like catching up with a really good friend you haven't seen in a long time. You pick up right where you left off, except this time my friend is much better looking and has more ideas. Ideas that I said to my wife needed to be explored in great depth. It's my job after all!

Clearly having turned 40 this year I am too old to be playing video games until the small hours - no one likes a grumpy bear in the morning. The problem is that my new games course is starting in a week and I need to finish Halo quickly. Like Halo Reach, the new games course I have been working on is much better looking and full of new ideas and very, very cool surprises.

An interesting study has emerged about video games this week. Apparently, computer game fans are better than others at making quick decisions in real life, researchers believe. And players who specialise in ‘shoot-em-ups’ such as Halo, have the fastest reactions said Dr Bavelier.

I have noticed after the last two nights that I am extremely fast and quick at wiping out aliens but am now fantastically tired and grumpy. I have had three coffees and have the descision making making abilities of a grunt.

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Simon Fenton
Fri 17 Sep 2010: 10:38am

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  • Jack Hayes:

    That's exactly what it is. You play Halo Reach and everything is familiar, you know how everything works. It's Halo...but better. That shows fantastic game design where people can go without playing Halo 3 for months, then play Reach and everything is exactly how you remember it.

    but much shinier:p

  • charlotte salomon:

    Sounds Fantastic. Still waiting for mine in the post. - currently abroad. :/ Cannot wait! I won't sleep much until it's completed!

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