In the beginning there was... FIFA International Soccer?

In the beginning there was... FIFA International Soccer?

It wasn’t long ago that FIFA 13 was crowned the king of 21st century sports games, with 4.5 million copies sold in the five days after its launch, (1.23 million of those being in the first 48 hours) it’s figures worldwide trounced sporting rivals such as NHL 13 (0.48m), and Madden 13 (1.65m), more importantly though, it exceeded its closest rival, Pro Evolution Soccer, (0.86m) which had Christiano Ronaldo spearheading the advertising campaign, who in this case, off of the pitch, as well as on, has been left in the shadow of this year’s FIFA ambassador Lionel Messi.

But for just a moment, let me transport you to a time when football games were a mere seed of the rapidly climbing veranda they are today, before the sportsman come celebrity had become so closely associated with sports gaming, to enjoy this stark reminder of where it all began! The simplicity demonstrated in this review of ‘FIFA international’ (from 1993!) is, dare I say, laughable, my favourite passage being…

“For a start, when you play this game, you simply must link up to an amp to benefit from the superb sounds. The crowd constantly chants as the game plays, and more impressive still, adjusts to what’s going on onscreen. Shoot for a goal and a mighty roar goes up. Hit the crossbar and the roar immediately and seamlessly turns into a moan. Superb!”

A very pleasant blast from the past though, especially considering not only the technological advances of the last ten years, but the seismic difference in the scale of advertising surrounding the game today, this is an excellent snippet of history and certainly, one for the gaming archives.

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