Illusion VFX Work on New Fantasy Epic

Illusion VFX Work on New Fantasy Epic

Illusion VFX have just finished work on their latest project, a teaser short for a new fantasy epic, Mrs. Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room, creating four VFX shots in just 3 months, a really impressive feat.

I really wanted to work out how they had done that, so I caught up with Illusion VFX's Producer Danny Evans, who worked closely with the film's director, Mike Le Han to make it all happen.

The project required Danny and his team to recreate the original movie set of the Mrs. Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room in CG. This was a pretty big task and involved the remodelling and building of an extensive CGI replica of the live action set, complete with a 2.5D and 3D set of a countryside road. The main challenge for the Illusion VFX team was to accurately match the CGI models to the live action plates in texture and look, so that there would be a seamless integration between to two.

The team used various pipelines and techniques, including Shake for their compositing shots, but soon switched to a Nuke pipeline when they found its relighting tools worked better for enhancing and touching up their 3D renders. The result is a pretty impressive piece of work.

The teaser premiers at BAFTA later this month, and Danny is now in discussions with Black Lake Films about doing the rest of the VFX work on the upcoming feature adaptation.

It’s great to see things are going well for Illusion VFX. Well done guys.

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