IKinema Action Promotion is Ending!

IKinema Action Promotion is Ending!

With the release of IKinema Action version 2.0 there has been a range of updates and enhancements made to an already very powerful technology. This upgrade also brings with it a new price. The new pricing will take effect from April 1st, so that leaves you with 2 days to purchase this new version under the old price. For more information on this, please contact our software team.

IKinema Action is an amazing tool, allowing users to create and retarget data directly inside Maya, and in real-time. It converts virtually any skeleton model to a full feature rig while generating fluid and realistic animation for a range of characters. You can also retarget from other models, for rapid customisation of assets, or directly from motion capture data such as position markers and joint data. Other features include real-time links to Vicon and Xsens motion capture systems for real-time streaming, center of mass control for rapid animation with the added ability to retarget and record data and automatic balance. Check out the video at the top of this page to see it in action. 

In version 2.0 we see the introduction of a new feature, StretchIK. This is used for cartoon character rigging, animation and real-time marker solving in spine stretch, and scalable bones for characters that need stretchy limbs.

Check out the video at the top of this page to see IKinema in action.

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