IKinema Action 2.0: The Animation Solution Chosen by Lead Studios

IKinema Action 2.0: The Animation Solution Chosen by Lead Studios

IKinema is a UK based company with a great technology for quick full-body solving and animation. Their flagship product, IKinema Action, is a plug-in for Maya that enables artists to rig characters as well as stream, retarget and record motion capture data, in less time. It is also a very cost effective solution.

Top studios including Framestore (London), 20th Century Fox, Disney and Industrial Light & Magic have all integrated IKinema Action for their motion capture, maker solving and retargeting needs. Available to buy as game middleware, a standalone software or as an online solution, this technology is set to dramatically simplify the workflow of motion capture, while also making real-time motion editing more accessible to home users.

IKinema Action 2.0 is the most recent version of this software which includes some advanced features including StretchIK, a tool that enables animators to apply spine and neck stretch to scale bones and limbs in a matter of seconds. Tim Doubleday at Audiomotion was able to put this tool to the test during the 2.0 beta period, and was pretty pleased with the results. One challenge for Tim was to try match what an actor does as closely as possible. For Tim, StretchIK was a great time-saving addition to Action, where scalable bones increased the overall look of his animation quickly and easily, while also offering more control and flexibility.

If you would like more information on IKinema Action, what it does and if it could work with your existing pipeline, please contact us for an evaluation.  

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