I think I'm turning Japanese!

I think I'm turning Japanese!

Often I’ve thought to myself, “boy I’d like to visit Japan, the culture difference, the challenge of the language barrier, the public transport…”

Well you can imagine the smile on my face as I was recently forwarded the link to ‘realrailway.com’ a Japanese train simulating website that allows you to drive on all of Japan’s railways, and if that wasn’t good enough - check this out.

If you can’t be done with the stress of braking in time, or surpassing the speed limit, it doesn’t matter! You can soak up the sights in the highly entertaining ‘passenger mode’.

Don’t delay, click today! Then make sure you continue the lack of delays or you will lose the game…   

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Robert Broadbent
Tue 16 Apr 2013: 10:48am

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