I Only Have Eyes for NUKE - Part One

I Only Have Eyes for NUKE - Part One

I can't help the techy-ness of this blog post but I guess now its official, NUKE is my one true love. And, it's not just me! NUKE has become the alpha compositing tool of choice within the VFX world.

During our 12 week production programme here at Escape Studios we aim to teach not just what is current, but first and foremost seek to embed the core skills of composition. Initially we encourage the old school methods of manual roto and paint. Later we delve into numerous 2.5D-based procedures that assist a roto/prep artist's workflow. Moreover, in our professional course, we further consider how NUKE's 3D system compliments a true 3D application. This involves taking the customary camera and geometry of a scene, and then rendering a number of arbitrary output variables (AOVs), such as depth, normals and motion vector passes, via Nuke's Scanline renderer. These can subsequently be used for object grading and re-lighting.

My ode to NUKE continues tomorrow when I go into more detail on 2.5D based procedures for depth compositing. Join me as I delve further into what makes NUKE such an essential tool for any compositor working in today’s industry.

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Wed 18 Apr 2012: 1:00pm

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