I Only Have Eyes For Nuke "2.5D" Part Three

I Only Have Eyes For Nuke "2.5D" Part Three

For any 3D system to work efficiently, a sufficient camera solve is essential. This is a virtual representation of the real-world camera move shot on scene. After downloading the assets, I attempted to follow the tutorial video only using the track pad. Regardless of the system, as a NUKE user, the Wacom pen and pad have become second nature when navigating the interface. As anticipated, it was straight away confirmed that the lack of a Wacom pen and tablet made the task extremely awkward and I've found myself falling behind. Therefore, plugging in an external to my Air has been far easier than being constrained to a track pad. Connecting the tablet allowed me to finish the task efficiently, even ahead of the tutorial.

The Air is perfectly designed to run something as demanding on processing power as NUKE's 3D system, but at the end of the day it is the externals that make a fully functioning compositing ensemble. I would strongly recommend following the tutorials (linked in Part Two) through, even if just to pick up a few tips and tricks along the way. If you were somebody looking to come to Escape from an After Effects background, you may find it hard to relate to the above but The Foundry have developed a camera tracking module, Camera Tracker, designated for After Effects. And all of the details for Camera Tracker can be found on The Foundry’s website.

Now all you need to do is have a go yourselves. Happy comping!

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Fri 20 Apr 2012: 2:30pm

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