I Need A Hiero...1.5

I Need A Hiero...1.5

We are pleased to announce that the download for HIERO 1.5 is now available.

HIERO is The Foundry’s pipeline in a box, a shot management, conform and review tool for VFX artists built to improve efficiency and shot throughput volume.

HIERO makes it easy to conform edit decision lists, parcel shots to NUKE and review a multitude of versions in the context of the edit.   

HIERO 1.5 now includes:
•    Playback support for ARRIRAW
•    Windows OS Support
•    Multi-Channel Image Support
•    Broadcast Monitor Out

We are always keen to see what you are doing with HIERO and with the other Foundry products so feel free to leave us a little note on what you are doing.

Also check out the latest edition of The Compositor!

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Tim Flett
Fri 9 Nov 2012: 2:30pm

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