I'm on Fire!

I'm on Fire!

It’s fair to say that from the release of the first generation iPad in 2010, that the world has gone a bit tablet crazy, with all of Apple’s main competitors working to bring an equally as strong product to the table in the last year or so, the next big thing is always around the corner.

On that note, as well as announcing the addition of the new Kindle Paperwhite to the technological family yesterday, Amazon announced the UK release of the Kindle Fire HD Tablet.

This android based tablet, is set for release in October (get it on your Christmas list kids!) and will be priced at a modest £159, very reasonable considering the third edition iPad is going to leave a dent in your wallet to the tune of 400 or so English pounds

A 9” version of the Fire HD is also to be released with a 1,920x1,200-pixel screen with 254 pixels per inch. It uses a dual-core processor and starts with 16GB of internal storage… but this bad boy, I’m afraid, isn’t being released in the UK just yet – what a pain!

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Fri 7 Sep 2012: 5:30pm

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