I feel like a right Planck in this Lycra!

I feel like a right Planck in this Lycra!

Thanks to the Max Planck institute for Informatics, actors may be spared the embarrassment of wearing the ever so flattering lycra body suits when it comes to shooting scenes laden with VFX. 

The MPII have created markerless motion capture software, set to be released later this year, called ‘the captury’. The software, which requires five to 12 ordinary cameras can even capture a s costume’s surface detail in 3 dimensions and is a lot more affordable than your typical Hollywood motion capture studio. The exciting news is that this sophisticated software will be useful in a number of fields, ranging from the obvious films and video games, all the way to sports and medical research. The software itself creates a digital skeleton that moves in sync with the person in shot in a matter of milliseconds. Check out the video on this site...Technology is awesome!

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Robert Broadbent
Wed 3 Apr 2013: 10:24am

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