“I can say that what Jaws did for water, Gravity does for air”

“I can say that what Jaws did for water, Gravity does for air”

It was whispered around the film community that we Alfonso Cuarón got started on Gravity, it was going to be something truly epic. Well the first reviews came in today from the Venice film festival where it was premiered, and guess what, it sounds just that! Here are a few snippets from reviewers/tweeters that have been kindly collated by thefilmstage.com. (check the site out here for the full reviews)

“At once the most realistic and beautifully choreographed film ever set in space”

“offers in abundance the sort of eye-popping, screen-filling spectacle that demands to be viewed in a cinema. Not unlike earlier triumphs of 3D and vfx innovation such as ‘Avatar’ and ‘Life of Pi,’”

“The camera floats as weightlessly as its subjects, but the shots are always clear, and more often than not composed with meaning and artistry”

“I can say that what Jaws did for water, Gravity does for air”

Thanks to the many positive words about the visual delights in store, (a lot of which were created by our wizard friends over at Framestore) we've already pencilled a viewing of this into our diaries, but for now all we can do is wait. While we wait though, fellow VFX fans, remember that at the VFX Festival, this year’s top secret behind the scenes VFX trickery is not just an exclusive event, but an unbelievable one! We’ve got some real heavyweight treats in store for those in attendance - and remember that when tickets are gone they are gone, so we urge you to get registering now and be the first in the know when this truly outstanding schedule arrives!

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