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Hugo Guerra

Hugo Guerra is an award winning VFX Artist / VFX Supervisor and has been working in the industry since 1999. He’s been a lead compositor and VFX supervisor for some of the most renowned companies in London, including, Nexus Productions, The Mill, Animech AB, JellyFish Pictures, and Atomic Arts - among others.

After finishing his Master’s Degree in Visual Arts in Portugal, Hugo worked as a freelance VFX artist for a few years, mainly involved in TV, commercials and short films.

In 2006 Hugo moved to Sweden to work at Animech AB, first as a compositor then moving on to become their VFX Art Director. It wasn’t until 2008 that Hugo decided to turn his hand to teaching at Campus i12 Visual Effects school in Sweden, where he taught advanced Nuke compositing before joining Escape Studios in 2010.

Hugo now divides his time between The Mill, where he has been the Head of the Nuke compositing Studio for the past 2 years and teaching and lecturing in several VFX schools around the world… 

Tell us about your most exciting projects, and why they stood out?

I would say the most exciting projects I did lately had to be the Audi Hummingbird Tv Comercial, the latest Ikea Gmome TV commercial and the BBC D Love campaign we’ve been working on for the past year.

TheAudi Hummingbird was a real achievement for the Mill and it ended up getting nominated for a VES award and won several awards including the British Arrow awards. The BBC and Ikea jobs also really stand out because of their humour, they were also a great laugh to be onset and make.

How important is it for the industry, to continue to dispatch knowledge and experience on to other budding VFX artists?

This is super important, for years I have been teaching in several VFX schools and I think the best teaching can only come from the actual production people doing the work. This is not an academy industry and I think more artists should devote their time to teach other more junior people in the industry.

What inspired you to want to get into the world of VFX?

Well, I think like most, I love motion pictures; the early work of ILM has to be, for me, my biggest inspiration. I will never forget the VFX in Raiders of the Ark and Close encounters, really made a mark in my life when I was a kid.