HP Next Generation Product Launch

HP recently announced the new Gen 8 technology based on a number of new processors now hitting the market. These include a whole new range of workstations, ProLiant solutions, servers and blade centres.

Coinciding with this announcement, Escape Studios and StudioSysAdmins joined forces to host a product roadmap seminar at the MPC screening room last night, Wednesday 21st March. This was attended by the HP product management team and tech enthusiasts from in and around Soho. The aim of the event was to expose the many benefits of their new technology for studios working in film and media post-production. Under discussion were DreamColor displays, HP Z820 and the very funky HP Z1 workstation.

We’d like to thank everyone who was able to attend, and we hope it added to the anticipation for the new HP technology line up.

Look out for more upcoming events here.

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