How Will the Budget Affect the Games Industry?

Reading the article about what the Budget has done for graduate recruitment made me think about how this might affect the Gaming Industry.  Gaming truly is part of our culture. It's everywhere, we have never had so many platforms and opportunities on which to play games and I think it's fair to say gamers have never had it so good. So, why is it such a bad time for the UK games industry?

Talking to some of the major players in the industry, they say that they are competing in an unfair global market. The government again refuses to level the playing field which is strange as fostering business and putting the 'Made in Britain' back into Britain is what this budget was supposed to be about. Even before the prohibitive cost of next gen development, the industry had a poor track record when it came to training, internships and hiring juniors.

Although there are more opportunities for a junior to get started in the industry, the expense of next gen development and outsourcing means it's very tough for a junior to get a job now in the UK.  The question is, if there were tax breaks, would things change and would developers start hiring juniors again? I am not too sure.

As Thatcher said all those years ago, its time for you to get on your bike and my advice to people who want to get into games is to follow the money.  Get on a nice jet plane and go and work for the companies that are hiring, Canada and Singapore.  I've heard it's very nice there this time of year!

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