How to Survive Post Production Book!

How to Survive Post Production Book!

A compositing tutor who previously taught here at Escape Studios, Klaudija Cermak, has just published a great little book all about the post production industry. It's called “How to get into and survive Film, Advertising and TV post-production.” Rather impressively it made the Kindle Art and Reference bestseller list on Amazon within 24 hours.

I first met Klaudija when I started working at Escape Studios nearly a year and a half ago, when she was teaching the Compositing Production course, and I was immediately impressed with her wealth of knowledge about the London commercial post-production industry. I was curious about the current TV industry in the UK, as I'd become more familiar with film post-production in London, and hadn't worked on commercials since the mid 1990's in San Francisco. What struck me most about Klaudija was she had great spirit and vitality, and she'd put all her energy and effort into every project, she was an inspiration to all around her!

This extensive experience and history of working in London was built over 20 years in film, advertising and television post-production. She worked on films such as Gladiator, Harry Potter, Troy, Virtual History as well as countless commercials for major brands, and she seems to know everyone in London, as everybody I meet seems to know her! That being said, she is the perfect person to write about the subject.

She's taught numerous master classes on post-production at London universities over the last few years, and the book attempts to answer important questions students have asked her during this time.

I asked her about the book and her reasons for writing it, she said, 

"Escape students were very much on my mind when I was writing the book, as I'm well aware how much information they have to process on a daily basis while being taught by Escape tutors. For they are passionate industry professionals who are accustomed to hard work and driven by a sole aim, which is to cram as much knowledge into their classes as possible, so they can prepare their students for high-end careers in the VFX industry.

So to help the students I wanted to write a book that was informative, light hearted, funny and easy to read. It's a book that deals with the additional general traits and skills required to have a truly successful career in post-production, which are passion, drive, people skills and as Mitch Mitchell would say 'being a manic film enthusiast'. These are all things that will get you a long way in the business!"

Klaudija Cermak

            Klaudija Cermak

Check her Blog, where she has got some great reviews,

“It is filled with tips on how to choose the segment of the industry you wish to work in, key roles: how to get them and what they entail. The ‘Rules for Survival’ are packed with little secrets on how to interact with clients and colleagues and how to get out of awkward situations with dignity. This is the essential guide to working successfully in the ever-changing and increasingly competitive global landscape of post-production.”

"It is not just for those looking to break into the post-production industry, but also professionals. All of that was enough info to entice me to read it right away. There are many books out there about compositing techniques and software, but none that really talk about the ins and outs of the industry.”

Also on the Blog there's a video interview with Mitch Mitchell, Head of Imaging at Cinesite, conducted by Terry Flaxton and I suspect it'll be very interesting, this is definitely next on my watch list after finishing the book!

I'm very excited about Klaudija's new book and hope it starts a new chapter for her career, but am sure it'll add to the fascinating global dialog about our industry, and of course the book is available in all digital formats!

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