How's your trivia?

How's your trivia?

Everyone loves a bit of trivia, and for fans of US TV series, here’s a fun trivia site if you want to go above and beyond when it comes to televised entertainment, and learn more about the creators of your favourite shows.

This site 'universeries' has a vast collection of US series collected in a rather visually exciting multi coloured mind map, the site mashes up 3D data visualization with editorial profiles, created for easy browsing - you can click to your heart’s content and get your teeth into the details of the writers of your favourite shows, well worth half an hour – just make sure you get your pen and pad ready so next time you’re viewing, you can refer back to the huge amount of knowledge you’re bound to soak in!

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Davi Stein
Mon 13 May 2013: 3:58pm

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