How's your artistic vision?

How's your artistic vision?

2D whiz Simon Richardson gave us a window of time recently to get our hands in his brain, and find out exactly what it takes to be a compositor. This unsung art form is one of the most important in VFX and more often than not, a viewer will have been fooled by the artistry of a compositor before any acting in a scene has even happened.

It’s no exaggeration to say that compositors create worlds, and without them the lands some of the biggest blockbusters on the planet would not be so believably created. Compositors need to have creative vision, and serious attention to detail. Have a listen to what Simon has been up to since studying 2D for Visual Effects at Escape Studios (including some awesome projects at the Mill!) and if you think the world of 2D is for you then take a look here at our 2D Taster courses! 

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Simon Richardson
Mon 27 Jan 2014: 2:42pm

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