How did I get a job with that reel?

We always like to showcase our wonderful ‘Escapees’ work. Adam Dewhirst is no exception. However, what I thought we would do is take a look back to Adam's early work to where he is today... It's an interesting journey…!

Adam produced his first showreel whilst on his course at Escape way back in 2004! The course taught Adam many things to help get him where he is today but a showreel can take some time to master.

"Looking back, I’m quite amazed I got any work out of this reel at all! I think this stems from the fact that at the time I was trying to be a ‘jack of all trades’ and do a little bit of everything. I had no real idea where my strengths lay, only through learning on the job and trying out a few different disciplines did I realise that modelling was where I was happiest. If there is anything to take away from this reel, it’s that only by working at something over and over again will you discover where you real skills lie and improve!"

The second showreel Adam completed after working on an outsourcing project, you can see models from Tycoon City New York which was really Adams first major paid project.

"This is about a year later, again some of the same stuff survives but by this point I was working on honing my craft. 

I'd had experience running, working in games and doing plenty of freelance work and whilst the reel still needed lots of fine-tuning, it was beginning to take shape into something that would, about a year or so later, secure me a job at Framestore. I think what’s evident here is that I was trying new things and looking to increase my skill base."

And finally, 8 years later Adam has worked on many of the major films to hit the Soho community: World War Z - John Carter - Price Of Persia - Clash of the Titans and on.. Check out Adam's  IMDB 

You can check out his final and most up to date showreel here, it's a bit of a masterpiece and we are very proud to call him an Escapee!

So we all now know that a showreel is not created overnight. It takes a lot of hard work. You also need to be totally honest with yourself. Is this good enough? If you don't think a particular piece of work stands up to the rest, leave it out. Be brave. If you are interested in finding out more about how Escape can help you follow in Adam’s footsteps why not get in touch!

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