Houdini 11 Ready for the Masses?

Houdini 11 Ready for the Masses?

Now that the competitive race between Maya and 3ds Max has somewhat run its course (because they are both owned by Autodesk), we look to other developers to see what they are doing to close the gap.

Siggraph always brings new announcements from software vendors and Side Effects are no exception to that rule.

Houdini has always been favoured at the very high-end by experienced TD's. "If you can't do it in Maya, finish off in Houdini!", still seems to be the mantra (excuse the pun). But have they done enough to close the gap on Autodesk's industry favourites?

Side Effects have made a concerted effort in 11 to focus on productivity. The new FLIP fluids solver offers a great deal of speed and control to automatically fracture RBD objects (see image above).

They have also made advancements in Rendering and Lighting. Artists can now make decisions on the fly with lighting interactivity in the veiwport; care of new OpenGL effects such as GPU-assisted volumes, unlimited lights with support for diffuse, speculat, opacity, environment, bump and normal maps.

Take a look at the full list of new features and enhancements here.

If you are keen to have a play - Houdini Apprentice is the free evaluation (watermarked, non-commercial file format and limited render resolution). You can also get your hands on their 'Starving Artists Edition' for $99 - Watermark free and HD resolution.

If you get chance to look at Houdini please let us know your thoughts. Is the product ready for the masses or is it still a package that you need to be at a TD level to understand?

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