Hollywood producer, Charlotte Huggins to discuss 3D breakthroughs in film and TV.

For those in the film industry, this may be an interesting event for your December diary. The Institution of Engineering and Technology is holding the inaugural John Logie Baird event on the 8th December entitled ‘3D – Back to the future’.

Guest speaker, Hollywood producer, Charlotte Huggins who is behind Imax films including Journey to the Center of the Earth, will be on the panel to discuss lessons learned from 3D breakthroughs in film and TV, particularly focusing on challenges and solutions. The case study driven, interactive JLB Workshop will also discuss implementing real systems, an introduction to perception of depth, and feature 3D TV demonstrations from Sky TV.

The event includes an afternoon workshop and an evening lecture, providing an opportunity to meet and network with movers and shakers in the industry. Registering for the JLB Workshop entitles you to join the free IET Networking Thames River Cruise from Savoy Place to the Vue Cinemas, O2 Arena for the evening 3D lecture.

For more info check out their website http://bit.ly/1t9U8Z.

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