Highway to the Danger Zone - ZBrush Webinar

Highway to the Danger Zone - ZBrush Webinar

We had the pleasure of working with the ever so entertaining Paul Gaboury, 3D Application Engineer at Pixologic, for a special webinar to showcase the newly added features in ZBrush 4R3.

There was a little issue with time zones so for the lucky few that checked in a little early we were treated to some incredible bonus material from Paul, not to mention his hilarious stand-up routine and a little help from Bob Ross.

With the additional new features to ZBrush 4R3 including MicroMesh, FibreMesh, AutoAdjust mode and Surface Noise, Paul showed us exactly just how easy ZBrush 4R3 is to use and even included a Kenny Loggins musical number to demonstrate a timeline sequence.

For those of you who just can’t get enough of ZBrush tricks and tips, Pixologic has released a five-part ZBrush video tutorial with Michael Pavlovic. There is a ton of information to improve your ZBrush skills. Paul also pointed us in the direction of a few books that will be helpful to all the ZBrush fanatics, including his own that is set for release June 19th. His book ZBrush Professional Tips and Techniques will be a great accompaniment for those of you looking to increase your knowledge of ZBrush. And I think for anyone who has sat through a webinar with Paul, you will agree that the next edition should include a bonus DVD for a little extra Gaboury magic. Paul also highly recommends ZBrush Creature Design:Creating Dynamic Concept Imagery for Film and Games by Scott Spencer and Introducing ZBrush by Eric Keller.

A massive thank you to all who joined us for the webinar, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and also a massive round of applause for Paul and Pixologic. For those of you who missed it we will be making a recording of the webinar and posting it online soon… so keep your eyes peeled!!

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Olivia Grout
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  • Chris W:

    A simple Facebook 'like' is all I need to say

    thanks Escape & Paul

  • Maik Pham:

    This was easily one of the best webinars I have ever attended! Entertaining as well as educational!

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