HIERO Launch Party in London

HIERO Launch Party in London

Wednesday 29th of February marks the official release of HIERO, a VFX tool we’ve been lusting over for the past 6 months. Following rigorous beta testing this product is now ready for integration with VFX pipelines around the globe. To give this product the welcome it deserves, The Foundry are hosting launch events in LA, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, London, Paris, Hamburg, Munich and Sydney. Escape Studios are teaming up with The Foundry for the launch in London, an event we hope you can all attend. The event is on Tuesday, 6th March at the VUE Leicester Square, running from 7-9pm, followed by drinks. Registrations will start at 6:15pm so try to get there early to avoid queues.

If for some reason you’ve missed my obsessive blogging on the topic, HIERO is a new VFX shot management, conform and review application. Built from the ground up, it offers the ‘missing link’ functionality that the industry requires to manage pipelines more efficiently and affordably. HIERO is designed to integrate with both large and small post facility pipelines, capable of handling the most hectic of workflows.

It is a bespoke solution that makes a great platform for workflows of all sizes. Custom-scripted to work with other facility applications, it significantly reduces the maintenance required to keep a VFX team up and running. You can adopt this platform as your own, and build on it to make your timeline more efficient. Track and manage shots and NUKE scripts on your SAN/NAS with ease, while saving disk space in the process.

For more information on this product and to see it in action don’t miss the launch event in London on March 6th. It’s going to be epic!

Register for the HIERO launch event here.

When: Tuesday, 6th March
Time: 7-9pm, followed by drinks
Where: VUE Leicester Square (Screen 6), 5-6 Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7NA

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  • Mathias Røyrvik:

    Already signed up for this. Really looking forward to it. See you guys there!

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