HeyUGuys speaks to Union VFX’s Special Effects Guru, Tim Caplan

Have you seen the interview with our friends at Union VFX (the company behind the visual effects for 127 Hours) on HeyUGuys? With the Oscars around the corner, it’s good to get an insider’s view on one film that’s up for a few gongs.

A lot of people don’t know that there are over 350 VFX shots in the film – good job the special effects team had some of our Escapees on hand to help. Some people couldn’t believe some of the film’s best scenes are thanks to some clever CG (the pull out of the canyon springs to mind) – that’s the beauty of well done visual effects and the work of amazing artists.  

In the interview, Tim gave some handy advice on what you need to break into the VFX industry – enthusiasm, flexibility and being proud of your work. Good advice for any creative looking to get noticed.

Read the rest of what he had to say here. We’ve now just two weeks wait to see if they beat off stiff competition on Oscars night. Good luck guys, we’ve got our fingers crossed.

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