• September’s Free Tutorial: "Hellboy" Inspired: Create Dynamic Jellyfish Tentacles

"Hellboy" Inspired: Create Dynamic Jellyfish Tentacles

This month we have an action packed free tutorial that showcases a diverse range of nifty tricks when approaching animation in Maya. Inspired by the monstrous tentacles of “The Elemental” in Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Mark Spevick wanted to take this opportunity to explore the art of animating believable dynamics for a character like this. By highlighting the beauty of working with animation histories in Maya, Mark introduces an alternative procedural workflow that can be adapted to a variety of your own personal projects.

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This tutorial focuses on making a jellyfish animation using the power of Maya's animation history for a more procedural workflow. This is a workflow that allows us to go back in time to adjust modelling parameters already in place, and see those changes automatically propagate down to the animation. On top of that, Mark looks at nHair for creating dynamic tentacles as well as alembic caching to make multiple jellyfish quickly and easily. This last bit of the tutorial explains in great detail how we can render a simulation across multiple machines.


  • The beauty of working with animation histories in Maya
  • Creating dynamic tentacles with Maya’s nHair
  • Learn how to render a simulation across multiple machines
  • How to convert a curve into geometry
  • An introduction to the alembic cache system
  • For increased flexibility when working in Maya

Total video time: 64:36


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