Heads up!

Heads up!

Front of house was entertained today, as a group of Visual Effects TD students transformed the break out space into a film location for the afternoon. The ‘TD’ stands for Technical Direction and these guys are currently working on a scene which they have created using our state of the art 3D design technology. They are learning about camera tracking and match moving, (among other things) and today they were filming footage which they will have to place into the scene they have already designed.

The scene is of a girl dribbling a ball and then throwing it through a wall onto some poor unsuspecting students sitting on the other side (not intentionally I might add!). The shot they were filming this afternoon is the part when the ball comes crashing through the wall, causing the students to fall to the floor.

The vigour with which the ‘actors’ threw (literally!) themselves into the scene left me wondering how they didn’t do themselves a serious injury! Ah, the dedication to their art…

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Claire Vandenbroecke
Thu 7 Mar 2013: 5:22pm

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