Head of Maya Development at The Mill

Head of Maya Development at The Mill

This year, Escape Studios is ten years old, and it’s a pretty big deal for us. It’s also a big deal for all of the students who we’ve trained over the years and are now dotted throughout the world of VFX. So, from now on, every week, we’re going to be launching a story from our escapee Wall of Fame which will showcase all of the escapees who have gone on to work on the biggest and boldest films, TV shows, commercials and games over the years. It’s a chance for them to step up and take a bow, albeit a virtual one.

The first in this series is Suraj Harrington-Odedra. Before you read his success story on how he got to where he is today, here’s one of his jet-setting industry tales. Oh to live the life of a 3D Artist…

"I was asked to fly out to the studio in LA for a Wrigleys commercial that was to feature lots of creatures made of smoke. By mid-flight, stretched out watching films with a sneaky gin & tonic and peanuts for a snack, I’m mentally getting more psyched up to land and start the job. However, by the time I land the director has changed his mind! All of a sudden he wants these creatures to be made out of oil! Oil! Um, did anyone mention I was a smoke expert? For two months it was my responsibility to figure out Houdini – a tool I’d never used before – while also working out the best way to make these creatures out of liquid! So, stepping up to the challenge, with the sun pouring in and Wacom pen in hand, I’m thinking ‘Yep, getting paid to play with software in an area I love... it doesn’t get much better than this!"
Suraj Harrington-Odedra

(Head of Maya Development at The Mill)

Read the full Suraj Harrington-Odedra success story here.

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