Haz Dulull talks Producing for VFX

Haz Dulull talks Producing for VFX

Producing for VFX Tutor Haz Dulull, will be using his wealth of industry experience on VFX heavy projects such as The Dark Knight, Hellboy, and Prince of Persia as well as personal productions; Project Kronos (above) and Fubar Redux, to prepare students for production roles within the VFX industry, here's what it's all about!

"I moved into VFX Producing while I was a VFX supervisor, because during bidding and budgeting of projects I found that many Producers who were very good at Producing, lacked the knowledge required for Visual Effects work and it was far quicker for someone who had a background knowledge of VFX to budget these kinds of projects.

It became apparent that Producers who are running VFX projects (broadcast, commercials, promos and films) from bidding stage right though to delivery with a team of VFX creatives, lacked the appropriate knowledge about Visual Effects for on set shooting, to post production workflow.

Considering how fast bids need to be delivered by and the strong competition, it is important to be armed with the right VFX knowledge as a VFX producer bidding on several projects at once.

This course is designed to bridge that gap for VFX Co-ordinators looking to move into VFX Producing and VFX Producers who want a refresher/to upgrade their skill set. But it’s also aimed at Film producers and Production companies too"

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