HaZ Dulull - Plenty o'Success!

HaZ Dulull - Plenty o'Success!

Hasraf Dullul is part of a generation of VFX artists first inspired by the film ‘Bladerunner’, since this early awakening, Hasraf, or Haz, as he is more fondly known by his contemporaries, has assembled a portfolio of some considerable weight; it includes a number of prestigious awards and world renowned projects. Batman: The Dark Knight, Planet Dinosaur and NOVA – Life beyond Earth, not to mention numerous VES (Visual Effects Society) awards nominations!

The most recent fruits of his labour have flourished in the form of his own VFX driven short film, ‘Fubar Redux’, which has been fondly described as ‘Animal Farm meets Platoon’ quite an intriguing round up right? Be sure to check it out here, we think it’s marvellous!

Haz studied with us in 2006, back in the days when we were based at Portobello road. This is where one of our open days helped him make the switch from the games industry to film CG, an area of entertainment of which he already had a passion, not to mention an eye for. On taking the leap of faith into our open arms Haz recalls…

It was that Escape Studios open day which kick started me to shape my show reel more appropriately to the VFX studios, I have to say the people at Escape studios were so friendly and very helpful; I also met some great people… some of whom I ended up working with years later! It was the only place in the UK which was offering such a level of professional, industry standard training, and was linked to the right studios, which gave me confidence, knowing I will be dealing with people who know their stuff… Many years later I still find myself reading the Escape studios newsletter, probably for that same reason!

It has been some journey for Haz, who now finds himself moving onto more executive roles in the business, he is however, staying true to his roots, and never fails to get involved with the hands on side of post-production…

I am slowly moving more into Visual Effects Management side of things, but being a VFX geek, and always trying out the new tools, I often find myself in the trenches and mucking in with shots and sequences.

It has been a true delight discussing VFX with Haz, and we urge you to set a quarter of an hour aside soon to get a healthy dose of action packed VFX heavy, hyper-motion comic cinema!

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