Hayes Davidson Put Our V-Ray for Max Course to The Test

Hayes Davidson Put Our V-Ray for Max Course to The Test

Matt Clinch is an Associate Partner at world renowned architectural visualisation practise Hayes Davidson; we asked Matt to give us some feedback on one of our recent online courses, V-Ray for Max, and here is what he had to say.

VRay for Max Course Review by Matt Clinch of Hayes Davidson
I was particularly interested to see how far VRay had come since we last used it as our primary renderer. The course was incredibly useful in this respect and also in highlighting me just how quickly rendering technology can move on in such a short space of time.  Having completed the 11 hours (!) of training it was an obvious decision for me to bring VRay back into our workflow - so on the back of this we quickly upgraded all of our licenses of VRay!

The course content was extremely impressive and was well paced and structured. The tutor was clear and gave good explanations and reasoning behind the various elements - I'm always keen to see more 'under-the-hood' learning so that users can understand the process and diagnose their own problems down the line rather than just being taught what numbers go in what boxes - and this courses definitely went into just enough technical detail. The way the course was broken down into bite size chunks for the relevant milestones and then ordered under major chapter headings made the course much easier to keep track of and fit around a busy schedule. Having access for the next 12 months will also make it the perfect quick reference tool for those inevitable brain-fade moments!

It is a superb tool for the beginner and intermediate user and a great refresher to the more advanced user. I would highly recommend it.

Want to Try This Course Yourself?
We have released a free video tutorial from this course, so if you want to try it out, just follow the instructions below.

  • New users: register here. Once you have registered, access the tutorial here.
  • Already registered: just click here to watch the tutorial. if you are not signed in, it will ask you to sign in first.
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