Happy Birthday Charlie Chaplin

Happy Birthday Charlie Chaplin

Today, 16th April, we would like to take a moment to remember Charlie Chaplin, the hugely creative and influential personality of the silent-film era. It is his 123rd birthday and still to this day he is celebrated the world over for his contribution to film during a career that spanned over 75 years. Best known as a comic-actor, Chaplin also wrote, directed, produced and scoured over 80 films. He also served as an on-set hairdresser from time to time. 

Earlier today I came across Modern Times, a fantastic short film that pays homage to Chaplin as an entertainer and whose films survive the ages, continuing to translate effectively among audiences in the future. Incorporating some beautiful VFX and a wonderful soundtrack this is definitely worth a look. Enjoy!

Happy birthday Charlie, the man immortalised through film!

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