Happiness Versus Pay

Happiness Versus Pay

A couple of weeks ago, we launched our Creative Features Report which looks at how much creative people value training. 

One of the key stats from the report was that 53 per cent of creative professionals would be prepared to take a £5k pay cut if it led to greater career opportunities. This sparked a lot of debate amongst our Twitter followers and it seems that many of you have sacrificed money in search of a better career or training. For example, @I_AM_DAVE_COX told us he took a £6k pay drop to get his job, making the move from Birmingham to London.

@The_Boy_Parker tweeted ‘If your job doesn't make you happy, then it's worth the drop in pay for the peace of mind you're not wasting your life.’

Good training is important to people at every level from grads to seasoned pros. Our research shows many of you (69 per cent in fact) would self-fund your own training if you thought it would benefit your career. @JamJarAnimation explained that whilst it could mean a short term cut, it could lead to better things in the future.

For the creative industry in particular, many entry roles involve low level administrative and logistic tasks, so people are keen to get ahead into more challenging and skill-based roles as fast as they can. Thanks to better technology, you can train around your own work or personal commitments and have access to the same tools as those studying full time.

Do you think it’s easier to train today thanks to the Internet and social networking platforms? What else is important to you when it comes to training?

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