Web series spotlight; H+

Web series spotlight; H+

When television orignally began, there was only a handful of black and white channels, horse and carriages wandered down our cobbled streets, and people didn't need the internet because they were too busy feeding their clothes through mangles in caves, or something! The first type of TV shows were comedies, and variety shows, and over time, they evolved into dramas, then slowly into the level of award-winning quality we see today. The internet is following a similar pattern; where as video sites originally appeared so we could swap videos of people falling over and kittens kittening, the medium is steadily evolving to produce high quality dramatic web shows.

Some of these shows have started to include impressive VFX, which I'll profile in the following weeks. Wednesday saw the premier of H+, a new webseries produced by Bryan Singer, the director of X-Men and The Usual Suspects. It imagines a not-to-distant future where the world is united by H+, a technological implant that keeps people connected to the internet at all times. Staring Alexis Denisof (Angel) and Hannah Simone (New Girl), the show centres around a virus that instantly wipes out a third of the population via their H+ implants, from the perspective of 7 different groups of people.

Originally planned as a TVshow, Singer chose to create a web series to take advantage of the show's non-linear narrative. Viewers can use a playlist function to arrange the stories in whatever order they wish, giving everyone a unique experience. There are 48 episodes in total, and 2 will be released every week on the show's YouTube channel.

Whats immediately remarkable about this project is its budget. It's clear that its financiers have faith in the medium, as although this is a webseries, the budget steps to include big stunts and exciting VFX. The H+ interface looks impressive on screen, and the previews and trailer indicate that larger shots of destroyed cities are to come. And the big names in the castsuspiciously absent from the first two episodesare both worth keeping an eye on.

We can't tell too much from the first 2 episodes, but it's intriguing enough to subscribe to. Come back next week, and if you're lucky enough I'll spotlight another webseries that has impressive VFX.

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